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Free software for screenshots

Snipping Tool++ is a program that helps you to take screenshots and save them to your computer. You can use the tool to capture a live image of your screen, including the display of websites and apps. Within the application, you have the option to share multiple screenshots online quickly. There are also some editing tools, which allow you to tweak the images you have captured.

Capture what you are seeing

The premise of the Snipping Tool application is to make it easier to gather your screenshots. It offers a variety of ways to capture what you are seeing on your screen. There is a free form shape snip, which you draw around a selected area, although you need a steady hand to do so. You can also use a rectangular selection tool to capture part of the screen.

The mode menu for creating a new snip offers you two other options. One will give you the active window on the page, known as a window snip, and the other will capture everything on the screen and is known as the full-screen snip. These particular features on their own don’t warrant a snipping tool download for Windows users, as there are shortcuts that can achieve the same results.

Windows 10 users can take advantage of a series of shortcuts to capture elements of their screen, and save the image, too. Instead of using a separate program, the shortcut WinKey+Shift+S brings up four different options, rectangular, free-form, windows, and full-screen capture. With this method, the captured images are saved on a clipboard rather than going to your files.

Snipping Tool++ lets you choose a file location, and anything you snip will be saved there, which adds an extra level of convenience. If you mostly take screenshots of your entire screen, you might not need this tool. You can use the shortcut WinKey+PrtScr to save the image of your screen without an extra program to assist you.

Upload your screenshots

Where this program builds on the existing Windows shortcuts is to make it easier to upload and edit your screen grabs. There is an upload function that allows you to add multiple screenshots to social media sites. If you have a number of captures that you want to place on image hosting sites, like Imgur or community sites like Reddit, you can use Snipping Tool++ for your needs.

The preferences menu for the application includes a section on controls and hotkeys. From here, you can set up ways to upload directly to sites with the press of just a few keys. That does make the program useful for fast uploading to a wide variety of sites. Alternatively, you can use the utilities menu to access the multi-image uploader.

The program is free, doesn’t take up much space, and isn’t demanding on your processor. It also has the advantage of being easy to use. The menus and the overall interface are simple; navigating to the tools you need, or the actions you want is straightforward, which makes performing any tasks quick and painless. However, you do need Java Runtime Environment for Snipping Tool++ to work.

Edit as you snip

The default option for saving your snippets is in PNG format. If you choose to save your snippets or screenshots, you can then go on to edit the files. The editing tools are basic but simple to use. You can add freehand designs drawn with a digital pencil. This can be done in a variety of colors, and opacity can be controlled.

If you want to add elements or obscure part of the image, you can insert lines and shapes. The opacity and color of these objects can also be changed, including changing the input through CMYK and RGB values. There are options for borders to the shapes you add, too. Another editing option is to blur a section of the snippet, and you can input text.

Other ways to capture your screen

When it comes to taking screenshots, the program you use really depends on your needs. If you don’t need too many tools, then you might just want the basics. On the other hand, you might not want to install a Java program to run alongside Snipping Tool++. In this case, there are other options out there to capture the images on your screen.

If you are using a Windows 10 device, you will most likely have had an update to your operating software that includes the Snip and Sketch program. This allows you to perform the actions mentioned above using the shortcuts. From the location it is saved in, you can crop, edit, and share the image. It is a replacement for the Windows Snip tool.

There are alternatives that offer more advanced features. For example, if capturing videos from your screen is what you are looking for, then a free trial or purchase of Snagit could be what you need. It works using a click, hold, and drag technique, which is fast and simple.

For a free program with more of a focus on editing and less on uploading, you can try Greenshot. The images can be saved as JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP or can be sent straight to the printer. It includes shortcuts, so things are fast and easy.

Helpful but not essential tool

Any users on an older version of Windows that regularly need to take screenshots can benefit from a program that assists them. Snipping Tool++ does a good job of adding the uploading and editing features to give users a bit more in one program. However, if you need to do any comprehensive editing, you might prefer to use a more advanced program. For most Windows 10 users, the technology has moved on to make installing a second program unnecessary.

The latest version of Snipping Tool++ added the active window screenshot feature. It also made general improvements, like making the multi-snip shadow white. A bug that caused pressing the spacebar with no selection to lead to a multi-snippet has now been fixed.

Quickly and easily upload screenshots or snippets of your desktop to and get a link copied to your clipboard.

Snipping Tool++ is a dedicated imgur snippet/screenshot uploading tool with hotkey support, local image saving, and deletion link history! With Snipping Tool++ you can quickly upload a screenshot to and get a link back that you can paste to your friends or to any social media site. Snipping Tool++ also allows you to upload multiple images at once. Your upload links are saved in a history in case you need the link in the future.

Snipping Tool++ also gives you the capability to delete any of your uploaded images from Imgur with a simple button click.

+Customize-able Hotkeys - With the quick press of a key have the Snipping Tool++ snippet capture overlay up and ready!

+Multi-Image uploader - Upload groups of images from your computer and get links back for all of them in a single drag and drop.

+Basic Image Editor - Blur or block out information before uploading.

+Upload Quality Control - Decrease the quality of your uploads to increase the upload time. Great for people with slow upload speeds!

The benefit of using Snipping Tool++ over our competitors is that it is completely free. It's open source. And it is continually updated. Our motto is to keep Snipping Tool++ simple yet powerful, when you use Snipping Tool++ everything is very intuitive. The program is not bloated with a million settings.

--Unique Features--

+Upload to your personal FTP server.

+Keeps an anonymous upload history.

+Portable, Does not require an installer

+Multi-Snippet Capture

And more coming!


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient editing tools
  • Useful upload shortcuts


  • Requires Java Runtime Environment
  • Limited functions
  • Mimics existing Windows functions


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Snipping Tool++


Snipping Tool++ 6.4.5 for PC


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