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Help & Info about Snipping Tool++ for windows

  • What does Snipping Tool Plus Plus do?

    Snipping Tool Plus Plus is a no-frills screenshot application which wins popularity with its simplicity and ease of use. It lets users snap a particular webpage or a portion of it for further perusal.
  • Does the Snipping Tool have any technical requirements?

    The only precondition for using the tool without hiccups is Java Runtime Environment. Apart from that, the application is light and works smoothly and easily. It is portable, so it is immediately ready to use without an installation step. See also the size and quality affordances discussed in further questions to fully appreciate Snipping Tool Plus Plus' user-friendliness and comfort!
  • When is Snipping Tool Plus Plus especially useful?

    Pretty much whenever you need to document the status of a webpage at a particular moment in time. The Snipping Tool is useful during debugging procedures, so you can snap and share portions of code as it appears in its original hierarchy and formatting. The Tool is also great in situation when you need to take multiple snippets within a single webpage.
  • Can I edit the screenshots I take with Snipping Tool Plus Plus?

    Yes, the tool includes a basic image editor with which you can highlight or blur out portions of the webpage. You can also select only a specific portion of a web page from the beginning of the screen grab procedure or save it in its entirety.
  • Does Snipping Tool Plus Plus provide multiple language support?

    Yes, the tool now comes with many more language options than the original German. Even though it is intuitive and easy to use, now you can get informed on all the finer points in your preferred language.
  • What happens to the screenshots I create?

    Snipping Tool Plus Plus allows you to save all screen grabs directly on your hard drive. To make sharing and collaborative work easier, the tool also lets you upload screenshots directly to the image hoster imgur.
  • Are my screenshot uploads safe and secure?

    Snipping Tool Plus Plus supplies you with a personal FTP server based on imgur and only keeps an anonymous upload history. Under these conditions, you are quite well protected against privacy breaches. However, as usual, we recommend you exercise caution and good judgment with regard to the content of your snippets!
  • Can I vary the quality of the screenshots I take?

    Yes, Snipping Tool Plus Plus lets you modify the resolution of your screenshots. You can decrease it to improve upload/download speeds or to optimise space usage on your hard drive. As such, the tool is ideally equipped for optimised image sharing.
  • How large is Snipping Tool Plus Plus?

    The latest version of the Snipping Tool takes up just over 2 MB. Compared to the similar alternatives on the market, its slimline full-functionality design is a major selling point and another reason to consider making it your default screen grabber.
  • Is Snipping Tool Plus Plus free to use?

    Yes, the Snipping Tool is completely free and continuously stays true to its principles of simplicity and functionality.


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